How do I customize my delivery?

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New Customers

  1. Click Get Started
  2. Enter your zip code and email address
  3. Select your preferred plan and follow the steps to pick your first delivery date and customize your meals and grab and go selections. **Even though you select a plan during the process, you will have the opportunity to customize your vessel in any configuration you like that meets our minimum order of $64.99.  Selecting a plan simply helps us recommend meal options for you to get you started.

 Returning Customers with a TK Account

  1. Login to your account
  2. You will be taken to the customize your delivery dashboard. You will be able to add and remove meals, salads, snacks and proteins using the simple interface. You may click customize or add items directly to your delivery by clicking on the + sign in the meal section.  You can also add items from the “salads & snacks” category or the “extra proteins” category.

 Note:  At the top right of the page, the “vessel fullness” indicator will let you know how full your vessel is and if you’ve met the minimum purchase. As your vessel becomes full we will only reveal the recipes that will fit in the remaining space. If your vessel is full and you would like to add more items, you’ll need to remove item(s) first.  Only items that can fit in your vessel will appear as options as your vessel becomes fuller. Your changes automatically save every time you add or remove an item from your delivery and the page will indicate if you have not met the minimum order threshold of $64.99. You may customize your order up to 4 weeks in advance by clicking on the week you want to customize in the calendar and adding items to your delivery. Please keep in mind that your order must be customized prior to the the weekly alert email that will be sent to you.


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