How do Terra’s Kitchen meals work?

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Terra’s Kitchen delivers all the fresh ingredients, freshly prepped for you to make delicious meals in exactly the right proportions. We offer a flexible subscription, with no long-term commitment so you can prepare delicious, inventive meals at home. We do the menu planning and shopping, cutting and preparation, as well as deliver recipes right to your door with all the fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients you need to cook them. All you have to do is cook and enjoy!

Our subscription is flexible and you may customize, skip a delivery or cancel your subscription within the "My Account" dashboard. 

When you sign up, you select the plan that is right for you and we give you the opportunity to customize your meal selections in the "My Account" dashboard. You may also add grab and go items to your weekly delivery. The cart will indicate if you still have room in your vessel and also when it is full. 

Your subscription is weekly and each week we preload meals for the next weekly shipment into your account based on the plan size and meal preferences. At that time, you receive a reminder email. You can do nothing and the meals we selected will be shipped to you or you will have two days to login to your account if you would like to swap out meals or add grab and goes to your weekly shipment. You also have the option to login and skip your shipment for that week if you prefer. 

If you login to the dashboard prior to the time that meals are preloaded, you may still customize your meal selections by clicking "Customize" and adding meals to your delivery. 

Your dashboard will always display information about your current delivery and your upcoming delivery under the "My Subscriptions" tab. You may skip or customize your delivery week to week and we will always send an email reminder of your upcoming delivery so you have plenty of time to make changes. 

You may view information about past deliveries and access pdf copies of recipe cards under the "Past Deliveries" tab within "My Account"

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