How do I cancel my Terra’s Kitchen subscription?

Portia -

We are very sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your TK subscription. Login to your account, with your mouse hover over your name next to Mange deliveries top right and select “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”.  You will be on the Account information page, at the top right under Subscription Settings you will see in green lettering “Cancel my Subscription".  Click on this button and follow through with the steps to cancel your subscription. Please select a reason for canceling your subscription from the drop down box and provide feedback if you wish.  You will receive an on- page confirmation confirming your account has been cancelled after you complete the cancel process.

You can re-activate your subscription at any time simply by logging into your account and clicking the re-activate button.  By Cancelling your Subscription, Unfortunately, does not cancel deliveries that are already in “process”.

 Terra's Kitchen Team

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    I have cancell 4 weeks ago for my Thursday deliveries, and have to Told u out I will not pay,.
    I got a xelidelivery AFI today, a what don't you understand ,

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    Jjgagkk I cancelled my Saturday deliveries a
    So and still kept them, I cancelled email weeks ago, I still go a delivery today,
    I refuse to pay, p.leazs check in to this please now

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