How do I cancel my Terra’s Kitchen subscription?

TK Agent 1 -

We are very sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your TK subscription. Login to your account, with your mouse hover over your name next to Mange deliveries top right and select “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”.  You will be on the Account information page, at the top right under Subscription Settings you will see in green lettering “Cancel my Subscription".  Click on this button and follow through with the steps to cancel your subscription. Please select a reason for canceling your subscription from the drop down box and provide feedback if you wish.  You will receive an on- page confirmation confirming your account has been cancelled after you complete the cancel process.

You can re-activate your subscription at any time simply by logging into your account and clicking the re-activate button.  By Cancelling your Subscription, Unfortunately, does not cancel deliveries that are already in “process”.

 Terra's Kitchen Team

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    I think this might be out-dated information. I do not see any place on the site that has a cancel link. I do see how I can do a week to week skip; but I'd like to cancel or place my subscription on hold for now

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    Mary McKinney

    Please cancel my subscription. I see no link for canceling. I wrote your customer service, though.

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    Gina Thomason

    I can't find a link to cancel my subscription. I have emailed customer service. I need my subscription canceled starting Nov. 6th. 2016.

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    Please cancel my subscription

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    Harla Michael

    Please cancel my subscription. I also canceled my second last appointment and I was suppose to receive a refund. Then I received a notice of another appointment and I canceled it again and was charged. I would like my refund for the two orders. Please contact me if you have a problem.

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    Kim Rajewski Field

    Hi Terra's Kitchen!
    Please cancel/deactivate our subscription that had it's first delivery on Saturday 12/31/16. TPlease send confirmation of this cancellation. Unfortunately, this request has to be sent to you very inconveniently, because you have incorrect information posted on your website under FAQs: "How do I cancel my subscription?", where you wrongly instruct to go under "My Account" at the bottom of the page where there is supposed to be a "button" to hit to unsubscribe & give a reason for such action. You are aware of this "missing button" problem, because underneath of this FAQ is a comment section where many people going back months now have resorted to commenting on this problem over & over & cancelling via the comments section, YET you do nothing to fix the "missing button" problem, the unhelpful & wrong FAQ & nothing to make things easier for the busy customers who chose a delivery service like yours because they don't have time to mess with things like chasing info down on your site in the first place! If you ignore & turn your eye to a known problem here, will you turn your eye to a rotten shipment of salmon, or outdated flour, or a chef that doesn't wash his hands after the bathroom? You may think a big leap, but believe me, your customers pay attention to detail & so should you!

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