How long will food stay fresh and How do you keep the food fresh through the shipping process?

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The Terra’s Kitchen Shipping Vessel is designed to maintain proper temperatures for keeping food safe throughout the delivery process up until 9pm on the day of delivery.  If for some reason the Vessel is delivered a little later in the evening, food safety should not be affected.   Please immediately refrigerate or freeze any perishable items when the Vessel arrives.  Although we expect the food to be safe when delivered, you should always inspect products for freshness and if you have any reason to believe that any product in your delivery is not suitable for consumption, please contact us via email at


Please note that it is normal for some of our product packaging to leak which is why we use a second layer of protection such as a plastic lock bag or plastic container.  The second barrier will catch any leakage and prevent it from reaching the other items in the Vessel.  It is normal to see some fluids in this second bag or packaging.  Please open all items in a manner that prevents this leakage from dripping onto other food items or containers.


Our partner, FreshRealm, has designed an innovative and eco-friendly vessel to stay cool so your food arrives fresh.  Lots of science.

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